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I'd like to make you more familiar with our club. Briefly speaking, we teach English. Nothing special, you could say. And you're right. teaching English isn't anything special unless it is done in a unique, creative and stirring way. Our aim is to develop our members' (member always sounds better than student) self-confidence and passion, not only passion for learning foreign languages but passion for improving in general, passion for becoming more, passion for self-development. 

All of the content presented during our meetings (meeting is more appropriate than lesson, certainly) is relevant for the members. All of us, together with the tutor exchange experiences, ideas and opinions, Thanks to this the benefits are two-pronged. Not only do our members develop linguistically, but also personally. By means of conquering themselves, demolishing their language barriers and coexistence with other members. 

In Boost club there's no place for boredom, rigid rules and school conventions.

We've got fun, easygoing atmosphere and individual approach instead.

Take a look at our pictures:

In our small groups everyone has time to express themsleves.

Indulge yourself and feel free to take the question!

What's your question of the day?

English is no longer a boring stuff!

Would you dare to answer?

Don't hesitate and join us! 

Do you want to learn English? Contact us ASAP. 

Visit our website for more details: